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The K9 Food range offers a well balanced complete dry food, with  different combinati ons of nutrients & ingredien ts to choose from, you can be assured your best friend gets everythi ng needed for a healthy life.

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The K9 Food range offers well balanced complete dry food for all dogs. With 2 different brands to choose from, you can be assured your best friend gets a tasty meal & everything needed for a healthy life, all at an affordable price.

Here’s where it all began...

How Taitoo our Boxer was the inspiration behind the company and the start of an exciting new range.

Try our NEW recipes...

Find out why K9 is the environmentally friendly way to keep your best friend healthy & happy.

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In July 2008 Managing Director Lee noticed his new puppy Tai didn't seem to be enjoying his food. Despite trailing many expensive brands over several months, Tai ate the bare minimum.

Becoming increasingly worried, Lee contacted some of the UK’s largest pet food manufacturers  and asked if they could help by supplying some samples.

As samples arrived, Lee did taste tests with Tai and most of the tested products failed to impress, until a particular sample was opened.

The tail was wagging and his eyes lit up whilst his nose sniffed the air. Tai munched away at the sample and was a little upset to hear there was no more!

Lee contacted the manufacturer with excitement and asked

where he can buy a bag for Tai. With the chosen recipe

unavailable a whole batch would have to be produced.

Lee discovered that he would need to purchase a lorry load

if Tai was to get his chosen food.

Well, Tai is happily munching away at his K9 and

since his first taste, 1000’s of his canine friends

are enjoying it too.

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